2017 IA Beef Expo Sale
February 13
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2017 SWSG Sale
February 26
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2017 Mid-Continent Sale
April 8
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The Fitzsimmons family first established its roots in Hayes township near Vail, Ia in 1868 and started raising cattle in the 1870s. Our children are the 6th generation involved in the cattle operation with a history of nearly 150 years. Our home place is with in a mile of that original farm. The family motto is fidelity. Fidelity to God, family, community and our customers.

Fitzsimmons Simmental is home to top quality, predominantly black, polled purebreds and percentage Simmental cattle that exhibit the influence of their Fleckvieh fullblood roots. Utilizing an A.I. program begun in 1969 by Jeff's father, Fred, and an E.T. program established in 1988, we have developed breeding stock that is genetically hardwired to be efficient, functional, structurally sound, and eye appealing. Our goal is to produce calm, attractive cattle with balanced birth, growth, maternal, and carcass traits. We still remember that the end product is quality beef produced profitably.

We are founding members of the South West Simmental Group. We hold our annual production sale for the SWSG in Dunlap, Iowa at the Dunlap Livestock Auction the fourth Sunday of February each year.  We consign bulls, bred females, and genetic lots to this sale.

We also consistently consign cattle to the Iowa beef Expo Simmental Sale held each February in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fair Grounds.

We are honored to have recently been invited to participate in Hartman Cattle Company’s annual December Simmental Open Heifer Sale and their annual February Simmental Bull Sale. These two events are held on the ranch at the HCC Sale Center near Tecumseh, NE.

Over the generations we have nurtured relationships with our customers based on solid family values. We strive to produce honest stock that will work for commercial cattlemen and seed stock producers alike. We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support and look forward to developing relationships with our new clientele based on our commitment to cattle that will work for them.